What People Are Saying about CREATIONS


My friend Micah and I stopped everything and went through the whole gorgeous, filled-with-magical-objects book, and can we please have one of everything?!? Such beautiful work, and what a fabulous job you did curating it—such diversity of styles, materials, areas of the world; from elegance to whimsy, practical pieces and objects of pure artistry (that spider web!!!)… the book itself is just lovely—heavy, perfectly glossy but not too glossy paper, great photos… There are several pieces that really hit us both: Leena Hannonen’s Calling for All Old Souls—extraordinary. Kirsten Jonas’ sweet jewelry, and of course Margo Anton’s exquisite work...Kathy Alpert’s charming figures, especially the one with the corkscrew hair! Micah would kill for Uschi Schwartler’s skull chair. So much to say about every item on every page. Karen Rycheck’s little houses were in my show last year. That 40-piece work by Karla Duterloo!! You and I would have to go over it together on the phone for me to include everything that took my breath away… Oh! Rosangela Gasparin’s fountain! I love that—such sensuous lines. I see a woman’s torso, the water caressing her. I think that might be my favorite piece, at least right now. That could change when I next look at the book!
— Tracy Hodson
What a cracker! I love it. Obviously I love it because I am in it, but I really believe I would love it anyway as a reference book of modern mosaic artists and their work. My students have all spent time looking at the works… and really enjoying the variety of styles, projects and processes. I am sure this will become a well-thumbed volume in my studio. You have done a terrific job with the layout, and your explanations and introduction are fabulous. Thank you so very much for including my work in your book - I really am very thrilled.
— Heather Stevenson
I received my book… and I am overwhelmed with the result. It’s so fantastically done. It was so lovely to read about all the artists. Thank you Jacqueline Iskander for your passion and hard work to create this and thank you for including me and my work. It’s inspiring.
— Kirsten Jonas
My copy of this beautiful book just arrived. I’m so blown away by the incredible craftsmanship that went into the production of it. The loving way it was wrapped brought joy to my face. Everyone’s amazing art, words, and photography are beyond wonderful. When I can wrestle it away from my husband I will spend some real time with Creations. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this journey.
— Robin Friedman
CREATIONS arrived and you deserve huge congratulations on a stunning book. You have produced a beautiful collection of a variety of works from such a broad cross-section of mosaic artists from around the world. Thank you for taking on this project that should bring much joy and inspiration to many and furthers the exposure of the mosaics as an art form that is alive and well and continues to generate more and more interest.
— Dotti Stone
I just finished reading the book from cover to cover. I am so inspired by all the stories and beautiful pieces! Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of this book and for your work on all our behalf. I am truly honored.
— Anna Miranda
I am sooooo pleased with this wonderful book, not just because I’m in it, but Jacqueline did such a great job putting it together with quality. I have shown a few people who are art collectors and they were Awed!! Thank you Jackie for validating the peoples’ work you are sharing with the world...I’m just tickled pink!!
— Kathy Alpert
[The books]... are SOOOO beautiful!!! The quality of the pages, and the presentation format, the colour work, and the way it flows is absolutely perfect. Having so much fun drinking in all the other artists, all unique and wonderful! I am so very honoured to be a part of this project... Thank you for all your hard work, talent, angst and quality control, and, thank you for including me!
— Trish Collins
It’s HERE! Jacqueline Iskander’s 178 page love letter to decorative mosaic, “Creations”, is an absolutely gorgeous book filled with inspiration and wonder. 124 mosaics, 53 artists, 20 countries, over 200 photographs!
— Mosaic Art Now
Mosaic artist Jacqueline Iskander has collected work from over 50 mosaicists from around the world to brilliantly demonstrate the versatility of mosaics. This book conveys the sense of excitement, exploration, and possibility of the medium through artists’ statements and photographs of their work. If you want to know just what can be achieved through the medium of mosaics, to understand how diverse artists approach colour, materials, form, and primarily the decorative effect of mosaics, then read this book. You will be certain to find new ways of approaching mosaics and to say: I never would have thought of that!
— Helen Miles
When Jackie asked me to write a blurb for this book, I didn’t hesitate. Knowing her exquisite work and attention to detail, I knew it would be a luscious and skillfully curated collection. Seeing the draft is proof that this book is essential reading for those who, like Jackie, Helen, Mireille, myself, and all the featured artists, have found community and creative expression through the mosaic medium. Readers will devour this book for its imagery, but also for the shared themes found in the artists’ personal stories: Discovery, passion, transformation, exploration, experimentation, embellishment, whimsy, meditation, and love.
— Julie Richey
Of the many ways there are to enjoy the magic of mosaics—looking, collecting, making—the one that’s added positivity to my life in countless and unexpected ways is being part of a wonderful community that shares passion for mosaics. Browsing this book and gawking at the 20 countries and cultures that are represented, it’s obvious that mosaic IS a common language that transcends geographical borders. Many of the art works presented will feel familiar even if you have never seen them. It is the kind of work that you have envisioned yourself making, or it involves an object that you have been saving for just that purpose. Enjoy!
— Mireille Swinnen